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Single Crystal Diamond Substrate

By using diamond substrate for high power, high frequency switching devices are expected to exhibit 100 to 10,000 times higher performance as compared to conventional Si device. Therefore, for a post-Si semiconductor, practical use of the diamond substrate is expected as an ideal ultimate device. In order to realize the diamond devices, larger diameter substrate is indispensable. Our new technology of single crystal diamond substrate in stable production will contribute to activate R & D works for diamond semiconductors and accelerating practical use of diamond semiconductor devices.

Diamond Production Method

The present diamond synthesis method is high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) method. The homoepitaxial diamond growth process on HPHT-diamond substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is also well known method for producing diamond substrate. This method is superior in the quality but limits the substrate size.
 World’s first, large diameter diamond production method

Namiki employs Heteroepitaxy targeting large diamond substrate.
In principal, hetroepitaxy which uses a foreign material as a basal substrate has theoretical possibility of producing diamond substrates as the same size as basal foreign substrates.
However, due to the heteroepitaxial strain owing to the lattice and thermal expansion differences of diamond and basal substrate, quality degradation and crack generation still occur in thick bulk diamond growth.

We made a new approach to overcome the obstacles in heteroepitaxy. Based on Ir/MgO basal substrate process technology which was developed by Aoyama Gakuin University, we complex with our own newly developed microneedle growth technology (patent pending) which enable to prevent crack generation and allow to grow stress-free, high quality, large diameter diamond substrate for stable production.



Ultimate diamond polishing-Plasma fusion CMP

For final processing of semiconductor filed crystal substrate, we have developed Plasma Fusion CMP which has been developed through Kyushu University (Professor Toshiro Doi) collaborative research work. Consequently, an atomically flat diamond substrate becomes available to supply.


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